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Présentation - Introducing myself

I am an experienced French as a Foreign Language teacher. My students have different needs depending on their profiles, their age, their life paths, their aspirations and the context that is at the origin of the learning process.

High school student,  professional transfer to France, or want to develop their language skills, each time  the same demand: a need and a desire to acquire  a modern, active and operational expression of French. 

that's why  I have always worked with materials that are as close as possible to real communication contexts. 

For this, I use authentic documents, from real situations and the practice of a communicative and action-oriented method.

France et Vous aims to help students speak French  current, and to be comfortable in oral language comprehension and expression.

During my Australian immersion, I often learned better and more by working in a restaurant from a simple conversation, than during certain hours of class that seemed very long. 

The blog  is also a response to this demand for interactivity and personalization.

By putting your comments, or reflections, you can participate in the enrichment of the site and the use of work tools to be more in line with your expectations. 

“To learn is to take.”  From France Venice

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